campbell hausfeld air compressor parts

Small air compressor simply be interpreted as a tool or machine used to compress (pressing) of air or gas. In everyday life you may often associated with its small air compressor such things when you want to pump your car or motorcycle tires, only just in everyday life are usually referred to as a pump.

Small air compressor function is to increase the energy of a compressible fluid with high pressure or high speed or altitude too high for the fluid in accordance with the law of Bernoulli. With small air compressor pressure or high velocity, then we can use this energy to move an object, his example: the pneumatic machines, refrigerators, air conditioners (Air Conditioner) and as his. In addition, the small air compressor can also be used to suck air or gas pressure lower than atmospheric pressure is commonly called the vacuum compressor.

The use of small air compressor is extremely important in the industrial world, both as a producer of compressed air or as a set of machines. Small air compressor is widely used for pneumatic machines, while being an integral part of the machine is a gas turbine, engine coolant and others.

Taking the example of a simple small air compressor, namely a bicycle tire pump or a car. If the small air compressor piston is pulled up on the bottom of the cylinder pressure will drop below atmospheric pressure so that outside air will enter through a crack in the suction valve. After that, the air into the piston pump then drops down to compress the air so that its volume becomes smaller or the air flow in the pressure is lower.

If you connect the outlet valve with a tire of the pressure in your tires will continue to increase until it reaches the pressure you want. So it is clear from these examples, the small air compressor compression process occurs due to changes in the volume of air to be smaller than the initial conditions.